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London's Independent Fibre Network

Partner Incentive Scheme

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer is valid between 3rd October 2016 - 30th November 2016.

  2. All partners must submit a signed contract to their account manager by 30th November 2016 to be valid.

  3. Awards will be at the discretion of the Channel Manager and be selected at the end of promotion period, 30th November 2016.

  4. To qualify for a ticket partners must place an order for a 100mbit circuit or higher.

  5. Points will be awarded for the orders placed: 100MB = 1 point, 500MB = 2 points, 1GB = 3 points 10GB = 4 points 

  6. For any circuit orders at different speeds this will be rounded up to the next level. i.e 250mb = 2 points.

  7. The partner with the most points on the 30th November will win the prize

  8. Prize will be ordered as an e-voucher and delivered to chosen partner at confirmed address within 30 days of selection.

  9. To qualify all orders must be new circuits - upgrades and renewals will not qualify

  10. Cancelled orders will not be included.

  11. In the event of any dispute the decision of Venus is final

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