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We offer fast, reliable low latency leased lines

Fibre Internet and Leased Leased Lines for Professional Services

The information-intensive and highly-regulated nature of Professional Services including Financial Services and Law Firms makes the fast and reliable transmission of information essential. In an increasingly competitive environment, cost-effectiveness is an equally high priority.

With an increasingly mobile workforce demanding access to IT from anywhere, fast reliable symmetrical Leased Line Internet is essential to provide fast and reliable remote access to inhouse IT

Conversely, with the trend towards Cloud Computing leading to the consolidation and offsite hosting of systems such as email. compliance systems, case management systems etc along with desktop virtualisation, the quality and reliability of the Internet connection is critical.

Whichever way you look at it, whether your IT is inhouse or in the Cloud, low-cost fast reliable Fibre Internet Leased Line communication from Venus is an investment that pays dividends from day one.


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