Always Stay Connected - Resilient Fibre Leased Line Backup

Always Stay Connected - Resilient Fibre Leased Line Backup

Lexis specialise in consumer, corporate and business to business PR, social media and live experiences. Their clients include multinationals such as Coca-Cola Harley-Davidson and Pizza Hut. Based in Bermondsey Street in London, their creative communications often require the transfer of large image and video files together with excellent internet connectivity for social media. When a damaged fibre cable in the exchange resulted in a four hour outage, William Hunter (IT Manager for The Lexis Group) had his suspicions confirmed that a diverse back-up circuit is essential for business continuity.

Challenge - Outages creates business problems.

A four hour outage on a dark and furtively inauspicious February morning drove home the dependency businesses have on the internet and the need for good connectivity.

“The truth is that today the consequences of no internet access is much greater than you first think. One day of no internet access can in fact be disastrous. Here’s a game to play; if you haven’t already, do a business continuity exercise where you try to go through a day not using the internet and note every time it impacts what you’re trying to do and how badly. You will be horrified,” reveals William Hunter, IT Manager for The Lexis Agency

“That morning we were due to pitch for new business that required the playing of demo reels we had stored on A-Frame. Obviously, this was not going to work. Cue frantic attempts to find the original media on the day.”

Issues with ADSL Backup Lines

The problem with a standard ADSL line stems from three problems that do not affect fibre services, where the bandwidth you pay for is the bandwidth you get. An ADSL lines speed is promoted on download speeds, not upload speeds, so any assumption that the two are the same should not be made.

The Solution - Fibre leased line backup

Lexis now have a 100Mbit backup fibre leased line from Venus. The backup line is a different physical fibre cable to a separate point of presence ensuring the internet is always available and the customer is always connected - Lexis Agency now experience no internet outages! Lexis benefit from excellent connectivity on the Venus Dark Fibre network that delivers an uncontended and symmetrical service. This means upload and download speeds are the same and are unaffected by the number of circuits on the Venus network.

Venus can provide you with a Fibre Leased line backup to ensure that your connectivity is maintained and your business is not interrupted by outages beyond your control. Relying on ADSL can have consequences for business continuity.

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