AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

Venus is an approved AWS Direct connect provider, our vast dark fibre network covers hundreds of thousands of London postcodes and access to London’s top data centres. Venus AWS Direct Connect allows businesses to bypass the public Internet and connect directly to the AWS cloud over a private fibre optic leased line via our high-speed, reliable network.

Direct Benefits

1. Private connection with VPN overheads

2. Reduced latency

3. Lower data transfer costs

4. No lead times for procuring hardware and no lengthy periods for setup and configuration.

5. AWS allows you to scale your resources up or down according to rules that you specify.

6. Flexible, pay as you go solutions

7. Greater end to end control

8. Dedicated fibre optic connection directly into AWS platform


Features of Venus AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect uses the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to link the customer’s network to the Amazon cloud. Managed BGP routing is included with the Venus AWS Direct Connect service when required, providing the AWS Direct Connect function seamlessly without the need to learn about BGP routing.

Venus AWS Direct Connect is available bundled with existing Venus Internet connections. Venus offers full 1Gbit/sec and 10Gbit/sec ports, as well as the new “Sub1Gig” service providing a cost-effective entry point to AWS Direct Connect

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