Best Business Broadband

Best Business Broadband

Venus are proud to be Winners of the Best Business Broadband award at the ISPAs and runner up to Best SuperFast Broadband.

The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) is the voice of the UK internet industry to government, parliament, regulators, media and the public.

Venus was named the best ISP for businesses - Venus’ dark fibre offering and 10 Gbps speeds give businesses the performance and Internet they need now and in the future.

Award winning Internet service provider Venus has been heavily involved over the last 5 years in connecting London Businesses Services with high speed Internet connectivity at speeds up to 10Gbit/sec.. For many businesses such as those in the film and media sector around Soho and Covent Garden this service is lifeblood. These businesses would simply not be able to operate without high bandwidth connectivity. Films may be shot at studios in Los Angeles but much of the content is then sent to post production and video effects houses in Covent Garden where all the clever work is done! This represents a world centre of excellence for the UK, all commercial video is shot at the very highest resolution so this obviously involves the transmission of large amounts of data.

To transform London into a functioning gigabit city requires fibre optic cables to be run to premises rather than to cabinets or exchanges. While some infrastructure providers are keen to keep the myths in place and let businesses continue with the cabinet appraoch, new 'plumbers' like Venus are beginning to deliver ubiquitous superfast fibre using their own networks to London businesses from rapid growth startups like Deliveroo and The Proud Group, and larger businesses like London Underground, USwitch and Tesla.

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