BT/Openreach Split Brings Good News

BT/Openreach Split Brings Good News

The news of the BT and Openreach split is not surprising to Venus.

Venus are one of many alternative independent providers acting as the engine for the UK economy and powering businesses with high speed sustainable Internet connectivity at affordable prices. We believe the importance for the market today is to widen choice for customers and businesses through increasing competition.

Over 6 years ago Venus set out to build a London Fibre Network due to the lack of Fibre Ethernet availability in Central London. Bandwidth hungry media and broadcast businesses in Soho and the West End would struggle to get real fibre internet installed to their buildings due to lack of capacity and resource in Central London.

Venus has been working closely with Openreach on a number of Central London installations and is very pleased with the direction the relationship is going. In particular we are heartened by the positive changes we have seen following the appointment of new CEO Clive Selley.

Venus now have a strong relationship with Openreach and see the split with BT as a positive but probably not going far enough. We want to see Clive at the head of a strong independent Openreach with its own listing on the London Stock Exchange.

‘To ensure our customers receive better and faster connections our provisioning teams work closely with Openreach and conduct pre-site surveys to ensure the planning for the installations run smoothly. In Central London there are a wide range of issues that can cause delays; listed buildings, road digs, traffic permissions and much more! Venus are known as the go to providers for fast and smooth fibre installation in Central London

“We want to see a strong and independent Openreach innovating and changing the market to allow alternative providers like ourselves to continue doing what we do best and get the UK connected!”

Brian Iddon, Director Venus Business Communications

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