Digital Divide within Education

Digital Divide within Education

The Digital Divide is still a very pronounced phenomenon in the UK.  The Digital Divide refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology, such as the internet, and those that don't or have restricted access.

Alarmingly, new research by the British Education Studies Association (BESA) has found the digital divide to be incredibly prominent in and between schools. For example, BESA found just under half of all primary and secondary schools surveyed reported that they had inadequate access to the internet as well as over half reporting poor Wi-Fi connectivity. This is particularly worrying as in an increasingly digital society, children will be losing out on key learning initiatives and knowledge and this could lead to a further widening of the digital divide. Not having access to the internet has been found as a determinant to a child’s poor academic performance.

Andrew Ferguson, founder of broadband news site ThinkBroadband, suggested "A class of 30 pupils doing media-rich research can easily fill a 100 Mbps connection and without sufficient management of the connection it is possible for one pupil to use all the available bandwidth."

Venus Business Communications, however, are the leading company in combating this issue with their Fibre Optic Leased Lines and colocation services. Bancroft School is one of many educational success stories enabled by Venus. Their new internet speed provided by Venus is 5 times faster, at 500MB per second, surpassing their internet needs and emphasises the quality of Fibre Optic Leased Lines.

“From the initial bidding process, through to the installation, and then liaising with after care support, Venus have been a joy to deal with.  During implementation we had complications with the new line provision from a third party provider, Venus handled the “middle man” part of the negotiations and project management impeccably.  We were always kept up to date with project progress. We are very happy with Venus as our new provider, and we now have five times the internet pipe throughput than before, for a cheaper price than our old supplier. A BIG thank you for making the transition so easy” Bancroft School

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