Digital Productivity Apps To Help Manage Your Busy Work life.

Digital Productivity Apps To Help Manage Your Busy Work life.

A quick and simple app that helps you manage your daily tasks for a more rewarding start to your week. The app allows you to create reminders, events, actions, notes and plenty more, helping you to manage your daily schedule. You can easily sync your tasks from your mobile to your home computer and there is an additional extension for Chrome users. With exhaustive features this app enables you to productively manage your work and private life.


I am sure you have all heard about Dropbox and many of you may use dropbox on your desktop already. Dropbox now have an app for your mobile where you can store images, files, videos and any other data and can access it wherever you are! The files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and there is a two-step verification process. All data stored in a Dropbox is by default private. Dropbox is a powerful app for small-sized business as it offers a secure and convenient way to manage data.

Google Keep

Allows you to quickly write down what is on your mind and you set a reminder for later. Perfect for when you are in a meeting or at an event and you think of something that you must get done when you are back in the office. You can attach photos to your notes and reminders or even attach a voice recording. A simple and effective note taking app that syncs with your devices to ensure you never forget a thing.

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