Don’t Let the Tube Strike Affect your Business

Don’t Let the Tube Strike Affect your Business

Train strikes can be disruptive to organisations when employees find it difficult getting into the office on time, or even at all during periods of industrial action.

Here at Venus our staff are able to work productively no matter what the transport situation is.

Another year another tube strike, last week tube bosses warned commuters the majority of underground stations in Central London will be closed, and a normal service is not expected to resume until Tuesday morning. Whilst some people have braved the buses or bikes or even braved walking to work this morning how would you feel about be able to set up an office at your home and work with no issues or additional stress caused from your commute?

Thanks to our state of the art VoIP phone system - VenusVoice. We can manage our phones via an online portal and forward all calls to our mobile. We store and work via the cloud and therefore we can access our work and documentation wherever we are just by logging into our account.

This enables our staff to be highly productive and are able to save 2-3 hours a day, on days like today when the dependable transport lines let us down.

If you want to hear more about our solutions and how your business can benefit from this give us a call today on 020 7240 5858 or email:

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