Emerging technology changing the way we pay

Emerging technology changing the way we pay

Sage Pay, found that for businesses, cash remains in the top three payment types accepted, but debit and credit card use grew for almost half of all businesses in 2015. It seems that this trend is set to continue. The business-owners we surveyed predicted that cash will be only the fifth most popular payment type in 2020 – after debit/credit cards, contactless payment, PayPal and mobile apps. Business-owners know they need to catch up with technology, and the people who use it.

It’s not just the customer-facing side of the business that’s benefiting from innovations in the payment industry. Savvy businesses manage their money holistically to improve their cash flow.

For example, Sage Payments integrates control of your outgoing payments to suppliers or payroll payments to employees into your core accounts or payroll software. For businesses trading overseas it also enables outgoing payments in 11 currencies to 24 countries and takes care of time-consuming exchange rate calculations.

Streamlining the way their money is managed gives business-owners more time to focus on growing their business.

Read the full article here: http://www.futureoftech.co.uk/payments/emerging-payments-technology-is-giving-consumers-the-choice-they-want


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