Entertainment Industries need robust networks

Entertainment Industries need robust networks

The 2012 Olympics saw hotels across London clambering for high speed connectivity with the influx of visitors coming to see the games and wanting to view coverage of major sporting events across mobile platforms.  Back in 1998,Des Lynam cheekily introduced coverage of England’s afternoon kick off against Tunisia with “Good afternoon, shouldn’t you be at work?” Today, many people still are at work viewing on mobiles and tablets. Streamed in high definition video these major sporting events present surges that ISP networks need to cope with. All Broadband and wifi is back hauled by a fibre backbone that need to take the strain. “Not all networks are built equally when it comes to being robust enough to cope with the requirements for bandwidth. We saw a peak of around 45% normal usage on our network during the Euro 2016 Wales England game. Due to our continuing investment in backhaul capacity the Venus network can comfortably handle these spikes in demand, but we have heard reports of other networks falling over during that game. The implications are not just that fans miss a critical goal when this happens but network users including businesses with mission critical requirements may suddenly experience disruption,” reports Brian Iddon, Director Venus Business Communications.

The trend to view major sporting events on mobile devices continues to grow. In 2015 Novak Djokovic successfully defended his title at Wimbledon and 21.1 million people watched on a mobile or tablet , up by 23% on the previous year. 71 million visited the Wimbledon website, an increase of 13 percent and 5.6 million visited the mobile.com site, an increase of 125%. This year when Andy Murray took the title an estimated 17.5M watched on BBC with many more worldwide viewers digital devices. Rio in August, networks can expect to see spikes of activity, and surges in demand for bandwidth in businesses as the GB team play for more medals. With Rio just three hours behind the UK, a lot of the events will be during the working day driving demand to view on mobiles and tablets.

The need for robust networks will continue to grow as more people utilise mobile devices and expect the same high standard of connectivity during leisure time. Leading clubs, such as Proud Camden, recognise that their customers expect to be well connected on their night out. Their move to ultra-fast connectivity heralds a growing trend in the club scene.

Proud Galleries and Proud Camden founder, Alex Proud comments; “Upgrading to Gigabit connectivity throughout our Camden venue is one of the best business decisions I have made. Our venue is always full of tech savvy customers online 24/7 while enjoying drinks in our terrace bar, stables or cabaret room. The additional bandwidth has improved the day-to-day performance of our Internet based services such as WiFi and internal booking systems, through to cloud telephony.”

The consequences of interruptions or slow connections can be extremely damaging to productivity and the bottom line. More businesses are turning to fibre to premises to take advantage of reliable ultra-fast connectivity. Proud Camden is leading the way in the London Club scene and we anticipate others will follow, generating significant business opportunities to better engage with their customers.”

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