Ever been told Fibre is not Available in your area?

Ever been told Fibre is not Available in your area?

London buildings are rich in history and undergoing transformations from residential premises to studios and offices. Businesses requiring superfast broadband often do not have the infrastructure to support it and require cable to be installed connecting their offices in the building to a backbone network.  

“A large number of businesses we approach have been told by other providers they cannot have superfast broadband, or have experienced substantial delays in being connected as many of the providers out there are geared only to a standard installation. They would rather  tell a customer they cannot provide a service or invite them to solve the cabling problems they face before they are prepared to consider an installation. This is a ridiculous state of affairs  and has led to an immediate expansion in our provisioning teams as we take on the  jobs other providers are either not capable of or prepared to  get involved in,” says Venus Business Communications’ Technical Director, Justin Keery.

London’s entrepreneurial business culture sees business people setting up in buildings that were never originally designed with fibre optic cable in mind. With no easy route for cabling, Venus’ provisioning teams innovative approach is helping hundreds of clients get the  superfast  broadband connections they need even when  other installers say broadband is not available.  “Where there is no obvious cabling route, we will find one. If that means we need to take on additional work to create access for cabling we will and we can even assist with any detailed documentation required by landlords to help make the installation happen,” explains Justin.


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