High Speed Connectivity Supports Legal Practice Growth

High Speed Connectivity Supports Legal Practice Growth

Gannon’s Solicitors is a commercial law firm based in central London serving private companies, individuals, partnerships, shareholders and investors. Gannons has core expertise in commercial law, employment law through to dispute resolution, tax law and intellectual property. The Gannons’ team also includes experienced Chartered Tax Advisors and Chartered Accountants, adding a depth and breadth of advice rarely found in boutique firms.

Gannons was established in 2002 by Catherine Gannon our CEO and Managing Partner. At the heart of Catherine’s successful growth strategy is the ability to recognise and recruit talented solicitors. Catherine is also committed to keeping up to date with technology and reducing operational overheads. Gannons use the Venus Dark Fibre network to support their business. Venus systems offer Gannons a flexible working model that makes Gannons a smooth running legal practice.

Venus Dark Fibre Network

Delivering high speed communications to London’s businesses is the forte of Venus Business Communications. Over the last four years Venus has established itself as the leading provider of fast fibre Internet, facilitating reliable, cost-effective data communications for London businesses that need first-class computing networks. Brian Iddon, Venus Director, has seen businesses prosper with better communications through their Dark Fibre Network. “Venus Dark Fibre is London’s premier fibre network connecting over 1,000 London businesses. The network delivers true ultrafast connectivity with upload speeds matching download speeds and no deterioration in service at busy periods. This is because fibre comes straight to your premises rather than relying on cabinets and copper cabling,” said Brian.  High speed connectivity allows multiple users to access documents rapidly wherever they are in the world efficiently and securely.

The Venus Dark fibre network is a private network wholly owned and operated by Venus with secure connections. Removing public access means its users can be confident that their documents and data are secure.

Gannons commitment to Technology and Security

Catherine Gannon established Gannons with a clear business model in mind. “We deliver top quality service to private companies that don’t want to pay the huge fees large firms charge, but need the skills a high street practitioner may not necessarily have. Our boutique commercial firm has low overheads courtesy of the connectivity Venus provides. It facilitates my flexible working concept allowing me to employ talented solicitors who didn’t want the politics of the City. They can work flexibly and remotely at locations across the country giving them a good work life balance. Also controlling costs is very important to ensure the business is profitable, so I didn’t want an expensive really fast server. Instead we use cloud-based applications with superfast connectivity from Venus. The system works very reliably, however it is reassuring to know there is engineering support from Venus when I need it.

Increasingly legal practitioners need to manage large quantities of data, reliably and securely. Effective management of data contributes to operating efficiencies. “Since I created Gannons, I have operated a paperless office. We now scan and store everything in the cloud. The Venus Dark Fibre network allows us to transfer and store vast quantities of information quickly and securely. The Gannons team can access documents at anytime, anywhere. We are responsive to our clients’ needs while retaining a flexible working ethos,” reveals Catherine.

A seamless Professional Image

While Gannons’ business model brings the benefits of remote working that attract high quality staff and keep overheads low, this is not at the expense of a professional high quality image. “Our clients are very important to us. We are customer centric and the Venus system allows us to deliver a quality service wherever we are in the world. We have a sophisticated hosted VOIP system that works very smoothly on the Venus Dark Fibre Network, allowing us to take and transfer calls at the push of a button. We have a main number for our clients to call and we can log in anywhere in the world. The system will deliver voice messages to our laptops too, so it’s seamless. I always have an eye on the overheads and as we have expanded it has been very easy to add new staff to the system without hefty installation costs and expensive equipment. Gannons find it more economical to make calls via Venus Dark Fibre Network than on a traditional land line,” confirms Catherine.

Get Superfast Connected with Venus

Venus Business Communications are keen to discuss your Practice requirements to help improve your operating efficiencies and reduce your overheads. From fibre leased lines direct to your premises through to secure transfer and processing of your data and seamless cost-effective telephony, Venus can help increase the profitability of your business.

“I would recommend Venus, they are very pro-active and clever. It’s really liberating to find a system that does exactly what it’s meant to do reliably and cost-effectively. We are growing from strength to strength and the Venus system gives us a great foundation supporting our business into the future,” concludes Catherine.


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