How Apprenticeships can help your business and the Economy

How Apprenticeships can help your business and the Economy

Venus first introduced apprenticeships in October 2013. Our first apprentice was hired within our technical department. Fast forward three years and we now recruit apprentices in all departments at Venus including, Accounting, Provisioning, Technical Support and Business Administration.

We found the apprenticeship scheme highly successful as we were able to train young candidates from the beginning of their careers, whilst they were motivated and hungry to learn. Venus looks to recruit apprentices through specialised agencies and academies who have a wide range of enthusiastic candidates all ready to start their journeys in the working world. The majority of our apprentices have continued to stay with Venus and managed to excel their careers from an early age.

We have found that apprenticeships motivate the workforce, bringing in a candidate whom may have limited experience allows other employees to step up and help with mentoring and training our apprentices. Our apprentices then grow to be hard working, skilled, qualified and an essential asset to the Venus workforce. Apprentices are a lower initial financial cost than already qualified and experienced candidates but with one year's training and work experience in the field an apprentice is of much higher value to Venus and therefore we would prefer to take this route and reward apprentices on completion of their apprenticeship.

Venus has been growing exponentially and will continue to employ apprentices as new opportunities arise. We hope to hire more apprentices next year to help with the growth of our network and maintain our high level of quality staff and service levels. We would thoroughly recommend apprenticeships to other companies - in particular to those medium sized companies that are looking to grow their workforce  and have an aspirational work culture. It is important to ensure that there is someone to mentor your apprentice.  When you take those first steps into the world of work it can be a scary place.Candidates will thrive as long as they receive quality  support and guidance.

From an Apprentice’s point of view:

“I chose to undertake an apprenticeship rather than continue with college and go to university because I wanted to go straight into the world of work and gain as much experience as possible. As well as earning money I am still able to gain a qualification.

I was attracted to Venus because the company is fast growing. As the company expands so will my job role and my responsibilities. Venus is a medium sized company, therefore they are more flexible in my roles and responsibilities and if I am to ever have an issue at work or there is an area that I would like to improve on, it will be dealt with quickly and effectively. I have really enjoyed my experience at Venus so far. I have not even been here a full year yet and I have already moved up within the company. I have taken on more responsibilities since I started and I really do feel like a part of the Venus team rather than just an apprentice.

Choosing the apprentice route has allowed me to gain a lot of confidence as I have been thrown straight in the deep end in the world of work, this has also helped me build my independance and realise my ability. I think a lot of employers look for people with a good work ethic experience rather than qualifications and I feel like that is what working at Venus and being an apprentice has given me. If you do not need a degree to do your dream job then definitely go down the apprenticeship route. You’ll come out with qualifications equivalent to diplomas or degrees as well as having real work experience, making money and helping your confidence grow. Besides all of this, you will also complete your apprenticeship debt free! “ Casey Sparks, Business Administrator Apprentice, Venus.

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