Is the Cloud right for you?

Is the Cloud right for you?

The cloud has been taking the business world by storm, but is it right for every business? It seems like only yesterday that computers and the internet had limited functions and usability for a business’s productivity. Fast-forward to the present and the rapid advancement of internet technology, most notably the cloud,  has led a huge variety of options for every kind of business. Advocates for the cloud often cite numerous benefits that lead to the optimization of businesses’ productivity, efficiency and functionality


  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduced Operational Issues
  • Higher Security
  • Reduce Costs 
  • Collaboration: Company's ability to manage and control tasks throughout company's departments.

With all these benefits over other IT infrastructure what could possibly be the downside of using the cloud server for businesses?  Well one of the major factors reducing all these benefits of the cloud is a poor internet connection of under 30 Mbps. This means that companies will find it difficult to connect to the cloud to access their documents and/or data, thereby, reducing their productivity and efficiency. Specific areas within London, such as, Westminster, Bermondsey, Old Southwark, Bethnal Green and Bow have been found to have some of the worst broadband speeds in the UK, with the guardian finding that in Westminster only  “31% of premises having access to super-fast connections, defined as those with speeds above 24 megabits a second.” This is particularly worrying that businesses within these areas will find it difficult to access the benefits of the cloud, potentially hindering their growth and development.

There are incredible benefits for using the cloud for your business, but you must have a superfast internet connection to enable you to utilize its benefits.

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