Join M24Seven at Connected SMEs – A Catalyst for London’s Economic Growth

Join M24Seven at Connected SMEs – A Catalyst for London’s Economic Growth

Join M24seven at Connected SMEs – A Catalyst for London’s Economic Growth at the London Executive offices on September 28th, 2017 and help lead the debate on how we make London a city of the future.

Connectivity and digital infrastructure plays a central role in modern society and is vital for fueling the economy, culture, and tourism.

At the same time, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs play an increasingly important role as the catalysts for innovative thinking across London’s private and public sectors.

As the lifeblood of the London economy, SMEs need flawless connectivity and regulatory support to continue to create jobs, drive innovation and stimulate trade. Despite this, nearly a third of London SMEs estimate they could have lost more than £10,000 per year due to connectivity issues: a huge blow to the local and national economy.

Connectivity contributes £55bn to the UK’s economy each year and is a building block for a city of the future. To make London a competitive hub for SMEs to thrive in it needs further ongoing investment in technology and infrastructure. Only when London's SMEs are digitally connected can they help to grow the local and national economy, and we need to start the conversation on how to get there.

Connected SMEs – A Catalyst for London’s Economic Growth is an industry leading event which brings together some of London’s principal political and business leaders to discuss how London can be at the core of the digital revolution.

Together with M24Seven and Westminster Business Council, attendees will get to hear and discuss how digital infrastructure can act as a catalyst to stimulate trade, create new jobs, and enable some of the brightest and most creative thinking in the world

Key panellists include:

  • Lee Perkins, CEO, M24Seven
  • Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt, Chief Executive, Westminster Business Council
  • Ken Wright, Managing Director, Phoenix Artist Club
  • Julian McGougan, Head of Technology, TechUK
  • Cllr Jonathan Glanz Westminster City Council
  • More to be announced!

Register for the event

The event will take place at the London Executive Offices in Victoria on the 28th September at 08.30 - 10.30 and attendees can register their interest here.

Stay connected with the event on social media with the hashtags: #ConnectWestminster #SmartCities #ConnectingLondon, and with Westminster Business Council’s Twitter handle @WestminsterBC .

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