MPs Slam BT

MPs Slam BT

MPs strongly criticise telecoms giant BT in a new report from Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The recent report commissioned from a panel of independent experts, says BT is "significantly under investing" in Openreach, the shortfall in investment could potentially be hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

The Committee says BT has exploited its position to make strategic decisions that "favour the Group's priorities and interests" - and is likely to have sacrificed shareholder value and customer benefit as a result. Capital investment in Openreach has been broadly flat since 2009 until this year, and quality of service remains poor.

Businesses do not need to wait for BT and Openreach, there are already providers connecting businesses with gigabit broadband across the capital with high levels of customer support and service.  

"Venus relies on Openreach to provide the basic telecoms infrastructure such as duct, poles, cables, and telephone exchanges. We then use these basic services to deliver Internet and communication products to customers across London. All communication providers from metro network operators such as Venus through to National carriers such as BT and TalkTalk are offered access to the National infrastructure through Openreach. This access is regulated by Ofcom to ensure that all players in this market for operating on a level playing field." Brian Iddon, Director at Venus Business Communications

London's newest on demand meeting and workspace provider,, says; “When setting up our new space in London, we experienced delays and set-backs from Openreach and other providers. We were up and running with superfast 1GB broadband within two weeks with Venus."

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