SohoCreate Festival.

SohoCreate Festival.

Venus are thrilled to be part of the SohoCreate Festival 2016.

Set in the most creative square mile in the world, SohoCreate is the biggest conversation about creativity in the country. We bring together top creative minds for a week of talks, workshops open houses, pop-ups, parties and more, all in the heart of Soho: a powerhouse with the highest concentration of creative professionals on the planet.

With the backing of Westminster Council, Harvey set up the first SohoCreate festival in June 2014. The aim, he says, was to “get great people talking very openly and authentically about what they do and how they do it … not the Oscar but the 20-year journey to it”.

This years event includes key speakers from Ed Vaizey, Jo malone to Sir John Hegarty. Open houses - Curzon soho, soho radio, and Gauthier just to name a few.

Make sure you sign up for your tickets to one of the best professional festivals this year!

INSPIRES creativity in professionals and young people

CELEBRATES the craft and impact of great creativity across all creative disciplines

CONNECTS creative people and businesses

That need to learn from other areas of creativity certainly struck a chord with Sir John Hegarty, who came on board as chair of SohoCreate last year. “For all creative people, that sense of experiencing what others are doing is so important,” he says. Rather than looking to his peers, Hegarty says, “I learned more about how to run an advertising agency by looking at how an architect runs their office or how a theatre director manages to put a play on.”


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