Step it up a gear - New Venus reseller incentive scheme

Step it up a gear - New Venus reseller incentive scheme

Venus is launching its latest reseller incentive programme. The scheme is open to all active and new resellers in Venus’ current partner programme.  The winning reseller will be taking to the track in a Supercar of their choice to celebrate their successful sales drive.

Venus Business Communications’ partner programme for resellers is proving a successful channel to market and is comprehensively designed to support all aspects of the reseller partner's business. As part of the programme incentive schemes, with exciting experiences for winning resellers, have captured the imagination of their partners and helped lift sales through the channel. The scheme has also seen an increase in the number of active Venus resellers growing by 40% over the last 12 months.

“Our incentive rewards scheme is an attractive part of our partner programme for resellers that brings friendly competition across the network and celebrates success. Since introducing the scheme we have seen a 55% increase in turnover through the channel. Our latest incentive is designed to step sales of 10GB circuits up a gear. There is plenty of opportunities in the market and the scheme is weighted so resellers can get themselves into pole position faster by selling this type of circuit in preference to others,” said Brian Iddon, Venus Business Communications' Director.

The winner of Venus’ previous incentive programme was ULCC who were treated to a chocolate and champagne experience on the London Eye. Their latest programme will launch on the first day of October and is offering an adrenaline filled opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the fastest supercars on the planet. "We are all about speed at Venus and these cars, like our connectivity are the fastest out there. I can't think of a better time to launch this reseller incentive programme with winners being announced before Christmas. Our incentive programme often attracts new resellers wanting to partner with us, so we are looking forward to welcoming new resellers joining us in the fast lane,” reveals Brian.

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