The Future of Advertising

The Future of Advertising

Advertising in 2025 will be digital, clever and all about you. Life will be more automated, slicker and quicker. You’ll be able to buy a robot lover and even use a small chip to measure how many times a day you blink to assess your eye health and find the perfect mascara. Not every car will be driverless, but you can bet your bottom dollar that most public transport will be.

The term we use to describe this is immersive creativity is Virtual Reality. It’s estimated the VR market will be worth $5.2bn by 2018

How will brands use it? Content and advertising will become so interlinked we won’t know which is which. People will “step into” brand experiences and ads will be filmed with 360-degree cameras. We will be entering a world of overrun creativity and continued to be outstanded by the new ways people will be able to access your data and advertise the right product to you at the right time.

This is just one step in the new emotional journey that brands and consumers are about to embark upon.

Advertisers will know how much we like their ads because our pulses via our smartwatches will tell them. And because of this close relationship with brands, every ad you see will be based on who you are. Screens and posters will display different images based on the information on your mobile – your purchase history, the brands you like on social platforms, who your friends are, as well as your gender and age. Already 75% of consumers expect and want retail experiences to be personalised, and over the next 10 years most marketing will become like the Amazon Recommends feature on steroids.

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