The Need For Greater Bandwidth

The Need For Greater Bandwidth

Britain is ranked 23rd globally for Internet speeds below the likes of Romania, Taiwan and Sweden. (1). Think about that statistic for a second. The world's 6th largest economy (2), with almost £3 Trillion GDP and over 65 million residents is severely lagging behind when it comes to connectivity.

As economies become increasingly connected through globalisation, and emerging regions such as Hong Kong (ranked number 2) continue to grow, the need to be able to communicate with individuals and business thousands of miles away has never been so important.

For British firms of all sizes, high speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Innovations such as Cloud Computing, Skype conferencing and millisecond financial transactions are helping pioneer a new age of business. However, such tools are useless without the infrastructure to support them.

If we are to remain competitive in this global age, increasing the capacity for high speed internet through dedicated Fibre connections must be at the top of the agenda of all companies if they are serious about adapting to the new challenges ahead.

At the forefront of this drive to increase capacity are the  IT support companies, Managed Service Providers and IT consultants . The support they provide is essential to companies driving  That's why Venus strive to support our Partners in as many ways as possible, to ensure they can continue to lead the connectivity revolution.

Be it through our dedicated Account, Technical or Provisioning support teams or our white label marketing; we want to be a true partner for you. We value the hard work you do for this important cause!

Author: Elliot Azim, Venus Channel Account Manager 


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