Today's Use of the Internet

Today's Use of the Internet

You thought YOU got too many emails? You’re not alone. 150 million emails are sent every minute on average across the Internet

The use of the Internet has changed dramatically over the past decade.  It was initially created as a way to connect multiple university research computers together, and was envisioned to remain a rather closed network. Today the internet is used by many people across many devices as their most important utility.

Internet is essential for everyone’s work life, social life and private life from communicating with clients, organising travel, catching up with friends and family and shopping!

  • 1,389 Uber rides are booked.

  • 347,222 tweets are tweeted.

  • 527,760 images are snapped on Snapchat.

  • 701,389 people are logging into Facebook.

  • 972,222 potential suitors are swiped on Tinder.

I wonder how much this will change in another 10 years…...


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