UK Leased Line - The Future of Internet Connectivity

UK Leased Line - The Future of Internet Connectivity

What is optical fibre?

Made from glass or a occasionally plastic, fibre optic cables provide far greater capacity and reliability than copper cables. Signals are transmitted using light through the core of the fibre, which is less than a tenth of a millimetre in thickness for long distance fibre.

What is dark fibre?

Dark fibre is provided “raw”, with direct access to the ends of the cables from one site to another and is not provided as a fixed speed service. Dark Fibre means speeds and services can be upgraded using the latest technology at any time.

How does optical fibre compare to ADSL broadband?

Some services marketed as fibre are not. Real fibre optical services offer symmetrical speeds with upload capacity of 100, 1000 or even 10,000 times the speed of broadband.

Is the optical fibre connection shared?

With dedicated fibre to the premises (such as a Venus service) you have a dedicated fiber optic connection. Therefore your bandwidth is not shared and the speed of your connection is not affected by the network traffic of other users.

If several employees are connected at the same time, is connection speed impacted?

Typically the capacity of fibre optical services, and the speed at which transactions are completed, ensures that fibre Internet delivers consistently high speed even during peak hours et when many people are using the Internet simultaneously.

Why choose Venus fibre Internet for my business?

Your employees are the key to your businesses productivity. Here is why you should consider switching to a Fibre Internet connection :

  • Higher symmetrical download and upload speeds for all types of files;
  • Higher productivity levels in the office;
  • Unlimited data usage;
  • Ability to use multiple bandwidth hungry applications simultaneously;
  • Ability to implement a private cloud;
  • Upgrade to hosted telephony;

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