Venus Encourage Women in IT Apprenticeships.

Venus Encourage Women in IT Apprenticeships.

Venus has recently expanded its apprenticeship programme to provide more job opportunities for young people and help them to develop their skills. Savvy business-minded people are shunning traditional education for technical apprenticeships. Venus' latest apprentices, Monet Peart and Sara Hogarth, dropped out of college to forge careers in IT without lectures and loans.

There are 20,850 new apprentices in London this year with women outnumbering the men. Business minded and cash conscious, the college style of learning is not for them.  

“After a summer placement in a property management company I knew I was money motivated and liked the real life working environment.  Despite my Mum telling me not to drop out of college, I ditched my A-levels to earn money and make a contribution to a business in a growth sector,” reveals Monet.

Monet and Sara have successfully completed a Business and IT analyst qualification during their apprenticeship at Venus. “I chose Venus as it is a growing company in an expanding sector, so there is opportunity to grow with the company. It provides fibre connections to businesses across London, so I’m learning a great deal about connectivity from engineering to marketing,” says Monet.

The apprenticeships work for Venus too, who now have over a third of their trainee staff coming from apprenticeship schemes. “They are making a valuable contribution and embracing the business culture that is often not seen with graduates emerging from universities with an academic culture. We welcome the growing trend and particularly encouraging more women into our sector. ” says Brian Iddon, Venus Director.

Brian added that Venus is looking for “raw determination” and a “positive attitude” from apprentices to help kick-start their career.


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