Venus Launch Speeds Up To 10 Gigabits per Second

Venus Launch Speeds Up To 10 Gigabits per Second

Venus is launching 10 gigabit connection speeds across their Venus Dark Fibre Network. These connection speeds are a hundred times faster than the best broadband connection speeds today. Changes in demarcation technology, facilitating these speeds, together with the unlimited capacity of the Venus Dark Fibre Network means 10 gigabit per second speeds are available across London.

Early adopters of the technology include broadcast media and large developers. Interest has been high from London’s post production houses, working on the next Hollywood block-busters, and developers of multi-tenant buildings, looking to supply high speed access of 1 Gigabit per second to each of its tenants from multiple 10 gigabit circuits to the premises.

“Comparing the connection speeds against normal speeds is like comparing the performance of a road going car with a formula one machine. The technology to deliver this performance needs to be robust across the whole network. A shared office or business park could easily see hundreds of businesses each using a 1 gigabit per second connection. The backbone network therefore needs to be able to support Thousands of businesses across London using gigabit services. The Venus Dark Fibre network’s capacity will cope with this demand, while other networks with limited carrying capacity will not” explains Brian.

Venus’ rationale for building an almost unlimited capacity network was born from an early appreciation of the future plans of business customers and an understanding of the advanced strategies of computing companies. “Plans for video on-line, high definition television, Internet based telephony and cloud computing are some of the once aspirational services that are now available. Venus has always been aware that these would require rapid transfer of data packages and files and built an unlimited capacity network accordingly. We are very excited to be launching a 10 gigabit per second service, particularly in London Technology Week, that supports the way London will do business in the future and deliver the ‘Gigabit City’ London aspires to” concludes Brian.

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