Venus London 100mbit Leased Lines

Venus London 100mbit Leased Lines

Venus is pleased to announce a further reduction in our 100mb leased line offering in Central London. Businesses in central London can now benefit from high speed Internet Leased Lines dedicated to your building at affordable pricing. Our Offering is uncontended, dedicated throughout with full bandwidth availability and higher reliability than all types of broadband.

Venus also offer FREE Installation on 36 month contracts.

The cost of 100Mb and & 1Gb Ethernet connections has dropped significantly over the years. Back in the day a 100mb leased line would cost you around £10,000 per annum. Today you can generally buy a 100Mb for less than £6,000 per annum. Venus feel it’s important to offer customers the most competitive rates in the marketplace, without compromising quality of service.

Here are the reasons why prices have been falling:

Increased Competition: Privatisation has played a key role, encouraging BT to reduce its overmanning. In 1984, when it was privatised, BT employed 235,000 people. It now employs about 100,000 people, while providing more services than ever. The dot-com boom saw leased line prices fall further, as new entrants arrived into the market place, cutting prices in major cities.

Improvements in networking: Most of the cost of creating and operating fibre networks comes from having to dig up the road or pavement, lay fibre-optic cables in the ground, and endure years of losses while you acquire enough customers to pay the cost of maintaining and operating the network.

Once you've done all that, the cost of increasing the bandwidth is relatively minor, as you probably don't need to dig up the roads again, or replace the fibre-optic cables. You just need to replace the equipment on the ends of the fibre. Venus have spent over 5 years building our ultra fast fibre network and now our customers can reap the benefits of affordable leased lines with outstanding customer service and support.


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