Venus Presenting at the RICS Telecoms Conference

Venus Presenting at the RICS Telecoms Conference

Venus is proud to be sponsoring and presenting at the RICS Telcoms Conference 2015.

Bringing together over 200 professionals, the annual RICS Telecoms Forum Conference comes back this year to provide you with crucial updates and insights so that you can get to grips with the latest developments currently shaping the industry.

Venus will be showcasing our Superconnected Busworks project which was nominated for a number of awards and continues to run as a innovative and successful project in implemting affordable high speed internet into 'Not Spots' where fibre was previously unavailable. 

“Residential connectivity was delivering a 120 megabits per second connection, while at work we had just 12 megabits per second. We were resorting to burning large files to disc and sending them by courier or crossing our fingers and hoping for reliable, although slow, connection. Discussing the need for high speed connectivity with BT Openreach it was clear that they had no commercial interest in providing connectivity to our building, despite the potential to connect many companies within the building. We began to talk to other providers, but only Venus saw the potential and were prepared to take on the risk of providing the infrastructure and connectivity,” Peter, Continuo Creative.

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