We've changed. Venus is now part of the M24Seven group

We've changed. Venus is now part of the M24Seven group

As you may know, Venus Business Communications was acquired by M24Seven in March this year. We are now pleased to announce that starting with the 3rd of July we are also adopting the brand, as part of the national and international expansion process.

M24Seven is the UK’s fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider, offering more connectivity choice at faster speeds than anyone else, so our customers can enjoy flexible access, across a secure global network – designed to keep your data and network safe, 24-Seve We are now looking forward to providing more services and even better national and international coverage.

We own our own network, our own fleet and a team of expert engineers so we have no dependency on any third-party providers. This means that our customers have just one point of contact; one provider who wholly owns installation and ongoing service needs. We are with you every step of the way.

M24Seven employs 230 people across six sites including Manchester, Newcastle, London and Bucharest. It supports almost 34,000 customers across 92 countries, from SMEs to Enterprise clients including Intu, On The Beach, Sofology and ao.com.

So, what does this mean for you?

You will continue to receive exceptional service and support, and will be connected by one of the UK’s most trusted business connectivity and internet infrastructure providers, receiving service levels that are unrivalled in the telecoms industry.

As we say at M24Seven, we believe in connectivity without compromise. That means providing more flexibility and the best experience, hosting your data and connecting your business in ways only we can.

About M24Seven

Established in 2000, we have expanded to provide even more network infrastructure and connectivity. With six sites across the UK and Europe, we host the greenest datacentres in Romania, and are connected to over 17 global internet exchange points including New York, London, Singapore, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Our ISO accredited datacentres are among the most environmentally friendly and green datacentres in Europe rating a PUE of 1.18. We don’t need to buy green credits or plant trees – we just use less power than our competitors.

Our success story has been endorsed by companies such as AO, Sofology, Intu, On the Beach and many others, reaffirming our core company vision: Empowering business productivity.

With over 230 people in the UK and Europe and a global network infrastructure, we are connecting businesses in ways that only we can. That’s how we are more equipped than anyone else to provide you with more of whatever you need, 24-Seven. As an organisation, we take great pride in connecting businesses through innovative, integrated technology for complete productivity.

We do this through four core services including; Connectivity, Hosting, Security and Voice for SME’s, enterprise and public sector organisations in the UK and internationally, enabling businesses to access the tools that they need to succeed.

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