VENUS has changed. VENUS is now part of M24Seven, and can offer you even more.

We offer fast, reliable low latency leased lines

Resilient Leased Lines

Venus provides a resilient leased line solution to ensure that your connectivity is maintained and your business is not interrupted by outages beyond your control. If there is an event of failure with your primary circuit within seconds your internet service is automatically switched over to the secondary fibre line. We ensure there is no single point of failure and guarantee connectivity to the Internet.

As well as our own dark fibre network Venus also interconnects with all the major carriers and therefore can provide you with 2 diverse leased lines encompassed within a Venus solution. Taking all the headache out of load balancing and providing you with a solution that works.


Features and Benefits

  • Failover with IP Preservation

  • Fully managed with 99.99% SLA

  • Full Fibre Ethernet Services

  • 24/7 London based Support

  • Always stay connected

Venus can install a backup 100Mbps fibre leased line through a different physical fibre cable to a separate point of presence ensuring the internet is always available.Benefit from excellent connectivity on the Venus Dark Fibre network that delivers an uncontended and symmetrical service up to 10 Gigabits per second to your premises. 


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