VENUS has changed. VENUS is now part of M24Seven, and can offer you even more.

We offer fast, reliable low latency leased lines

Wireless leased lines

M24Seven believe that London businesses deserve and need access to ultrafast, reliable and secure internet connections. M24Seven’s unique fibre and wireless connectivity network enables us to provide MORE services in areas other providers cannot. We offer a range of truly resilient services including wireless leased lines and wired fibre leased lines. Having a connection in the ground and through the air is one of the only ways your businesses connectivity can be truly resilient. 

  • Superfast delivery – we can install a circuit within 25 working days of receiving an order – and if you are in one of our connected buildings we can connect you from 5 workday days! With radio, our expert engineers will come to your site, fit an antenna to your building, present the Ethernet connection into your office…and you’re good to go. It’s that simple, no disruption, no digging, no delays.
  • Industry leading support – Your service will be backed by unparalleled service level guarantees and the kind of resilience that the other network operators simply can’t match.
  • Scalability – We can often upgrade customers to a higher bandwidth rate remotely and in near real-time. Why wait?
  • Wayleaves and ECCs – We work with landlords and building agents to install equipment without intrusive and timely groundworks; meaning that your connectivity is up and running with the minimal amount of delays.
  • Low Latency – We have invested in the build out of our network across London and the UK to ensure low latency, robust equipment and full security ensuring you get the best value services.
  • Radio and Wired is truly resilient – By combing services you get exchange, carrier and network resilience that has no single point of failure. This is not dependent on ducting into the building, infrastructure that’s present – which means your connectivity is always on!

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